Overcoming anxiety and fear

Are you anxious or fearful, unable to get control of your emotional state? We can show you how you can use powerful techniques to access your Physical Intelligence that allow you to overcome anxiety, calm the mind and learn how to take control of your mind. Our courses are taught live in three sessions so you can get questions answered during the instruction. If you would like personal guidance in addition to the course, select the second option with the additional coaching. That way you will receive dedicated attention from a coach to help you with any questions and concerns about your practice. 
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Overcome anxiety and fear, take control of your mind

Become the CEO of your mind learning how to take control of your thinking and develop focus and attention. 
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Overcome anxiety and fear course & coaching

This program includes access to the Mental Control course plus one hour personalized coaching help to make sure you get results fast!  
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About me

Hi I am Martina, co-founder of Arteshumanis. I am a Molecular Biologist with 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry holding various executive positions. 
I've studied Physical Intelligence over the last 20 years and the unique approach to access and mold non-cognitive aspects of the mind. I will be your guide coaching you how to access this powerful part of the mind to bring about the changes you are seeking.